Adeline // Home Buyer

”Being new to the Bay Area, Annie showed me the ropes around the East Bay when I was looking for rental units. Later when I was looking to buy, she took me around all the different neighborhoods in Oakland. I was a very scatter-brain buyer but she helped me narrow down my focus so that we didn't waste our time chasing after the wrong house. After losing out on one place (which I didn't really love anyway), we had the perfect timing for the second place, and eventually we won the bid with some skillful negotiations on her part. I recommend Annie for her ability to read a buyer's needs, her knowledge of the Bay Area and her negotiation skills.”

Rohan // Home Buyer

“As a first-time (and solo) homebuyer, it was extremely helpful to have Annie around when viewing houses. She had a good eye for things around the place of interest and great at asking questions that I would have never thought of. 
After a couple of initial viewings, she recognized quickly what my "style" was and the kind of place that would be most attractive to me, therefore appropriately filtering down the list of viewings.

Annie invested a considerable amount of her time driving me to not only the viewings but also around the surrounding neighborhoods which was really helpful in making a holistic decision. 

I really enjoyed working with her and we stay friends to this day, long after the close of the sale!”